Charming and reserved, cheeky and lonely, Miss Van’s muses have put on all sorts of faces and looks in the course of her fifteen year career. Sometimes, they hid their flaws behind a mask, and often they exhibited their feline silhouette like an armor. Conqueror in heart, Miss Van shares the elusive Amazon character of her dolls.

She started doing street work in Toulouse at the beginning of the 1990’s, painting women with acrylic and paintbrush rather than spray paint. In 2000, this adventure moved to Barcelona and she enjoyed, three years later, her first solo show at the Parisian Magda Danysz gallery. The sensuality and eroticism of her paintings, which grew with new ethnical, burlesque or rococo references along the years, brought her to many places of the world: California, New York, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Rome.

Since 2016, she has mostly painted with oil paint, which allowed her to refine her backgrounds along with her dolls’ liquid and sculpted hair – the topic of her very first museum show El Viento En Mi Pelo at the CAC Málaga in 2016. In March 2018, the retrospective show of her work held at Galerie Openspace (Paris, FR) gathered a selection of 90 drawings and paintings like self-portraits of a unique urban artist.

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