Originally from the Seine-St-Denis, France. Lady K was born in 1978 in Blanc-Mesnil. She is a graffiti artist exploring different techniques as well as different supports. Lady K has painted since childhood, and she loved reading artist monographs. In 1990 she discovered graffiti and tagging. She is dedicated to painting, sculpture, photography, and writing. Since 1993 she has explored several artistic currents including ready made, dada, surrealism, impressionism, cubism, realism, stencils, logotype, tags, and graffiti. After having had several names (CH20, White) in 1998 she kept the nickname Lady K.

In 2000, she entered the School of Fine Arts of Paris and in 2001 Lady K began to exhibit her works. Favoring lettering, Lady K likes to experiment and look at different techniques and ideas with sets and characters in order to create a universe for lettering. She is a member of the famous international crew 156 with artists as Jonone, Psychoze, André, Os Gemeos, Cope 2, Indie, Creez, Yank,Moze etc. She is also a member of the crews: V13, CCH, ED, HLM, BLK, TRS. She is leaving her mark on the history of graffiti and on multiple streets of Paris and the suburbs. Lady K is one of the few women along with Jolee, Liza, Fancy, Sista, Kenza, Veka, Else, Redly, Dare... to practice in graffiti wildly.

She was filmed with Kenza for the DVD magazine "PAINTERZ." Interviewed at this occasion, Lady K describes tagging and graffiti as a portrait of the social and economic environment in which it is viewed. Their location provides direct contact with the viewer without an institution, allowing an immediate contact with the public.

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