I was born in Galicia, Spain. I grew up with salty air, homesickness, barnacles and drizzle. I graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in painting at Salamanca University. I live in Barcelona where I continue my studies as a visual artist. I study Graphic Design in the BAU and Illustration in the DONA School, a Ph.D. in art contemporary at the University of Barcelona (UB) and a Masters in Artistic Creation, and took some courses in art production centres, like Hangar Barcelona or Matadero Madrid.

Along all this time I have been and still am participating in mural and street art festivals, like Waterford Walls in Ireland, NWW (North West Walls) in Belgium, Polinizarte in Valencia, Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Vigo Cidade de Cor in Vigo, Spain, Medianeras Vivas in Requena, Spain, Zona Maco in Monterrey, Mexico, Meeting of Styles in Bolivia, etc. I specialize in big formats murals. I have also been participating in art events and exhibitions, both collective and individual, around the world, in projects in art centres such as the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca, the Santa Monica Arts Centre, the CCCB, Barcelona, the Matadero Madrid, Marco Art Contemporary Museum in Monterrey, DDR projects Gallery in Long Beach, CA, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna. And more…

I used to seek and find, but it was not always what I expected. If I had to define myself within this eclectic world I would say that in my work I fuse different disciplines. I would place my work within the field of mural art, design, installation and intervention in spaces. My work could be defined by the economics of media and use of the drawing and the line on natural backgrounds.

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