Streets are my gallery and local communities are my audience. My visuals are based on icons of classical paintings - I recreate them with contemporary models.

Working in public spaces forces me to be socially engaged. I feel that today artists shouldn’t produce decorative, meaningless visuals that serve only as publicity stunts. I work in the streets and my art should reflect what’s going on in those streets and in the society. I try to do it with a dose of humour, even when I speak about serious issues, like racism, ageism, or homophobia.

I create huge collages with photographed models, which I then print on blue-back paper and paste up on walls. I keep fragmented parts from the original painting to create a dialogue between the original and my interpretation of it. I choose derelict, abandoned buildings for my paste ups. They have their own soul and become integral part of my visuals. In turn my visuals become an organic component of the urban scenery.

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