Wanda Savy was born in Paris into a family of artists. Her first vocation was classical ballet. She graduated from the National Conservatory of Paris and became a member of the Paris Grand Opera troupe. Looking to expand her expressive range, she then joined some of France's most prestigious and innovative dance companies, such as the Ballet national de Marseille under the direction of the internationally renowned choreographer Roland Petit, and the Opera national du Rhin Ballet, where she danced as a soloist. Following her celebrated dance career, Wanda Savy turned to abstract painting while living between Switzerland and New York with the illustrator and sculptor Paul Degen. After moving back to Paris, her artistic path took another turn, evolving into more figurative forms. The gaze finally became the major theme of her painterly research and gradually emerged as her signature work. Her unique approach to the human expression, which focuses on the gaze, unveils the inner universe of her live models through an extremely precise, strikingly realistic technique.

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