Overwhelmed by the flood of images and information in our everyday life, we hardly open our eyes and recognize all the things that surround us anymore. We stick to our path following our daily routine, focusing on our tasks and duties. Breaking through this patterned perception, Spanish street artist Aïda Gómez redefines her urban surrounding by playing around with common viewing habits and establishing her very own rules.

Working with language games, crossword puzzles and the playful replacement of social codes in our everyday environment, Aïda Gómez finds a way of capturing and challenging the view of passersby, turning them into playfellows in her self-appointed playgrounds in the streets of Madrid and Berlin. By placing posters with word search games on billboards, weaving hearts into fences or playing Tetris with missing pieces in a subway station paneling, the artist uses simple yet subversive techniques and what she calls non-violent materials to reveal hidden treasures.

Aïda Gómez was born in Madrid in 1986. She studied sculpting at Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin and fine arts at the UCLM in Cuenca, Spain.

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